Annual Report


This year, if you read about it in the headlines, Leading The Way was there on the frontlines—and so were you.

On the frontlines of the Syrian and Iraqi refugee crises—thousands of refugees heard the Gospel and received tangible help through your partnership.

On the frontlines of ISIS terror—we heard from radical Muslims who exchanged their conquering for surrendering after engaging with our broadcasts and field teams.

On the frontlines of persecution—God opened doors for us to advocate for His people.

On the frontlines of the war on Truth—you helped us take a stand for God’s Word.

Behind the scenes of the great crises and issues of our time, God is moving through your partnership—reaching a vast mission field both here at home and among the unreached.


This Year, You Helped Us:


Distribute Navigators in 21 countries with a potential reach of 80,000+ people.

Broadcast God’s Word into more than a dozen closed countries.
Help The Persecuted

Increase aid given to persecuted Christians by 27%.

Distribute 405,801 Biblically-based resources and produce 2 award-winning TV specials.

Evangelize and disciple our viewers from whom we received 256,058 follow-up responses.

Host a retreat for 70 Iraqi youth where 47 came to Christ.
In the places where all hope seems lost, God is moving.
Dr. Michael Youssef